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Group CEO



Director and founder of the group created in 2009. Originally from the Côte d'Azur, this serial entrepreneur is at the head of the newly renamed group OneCORP. A man in a hurry, driven every day by new projects, he organized his group into four poles: The IT consulting and engineering pole (Datacorp),

the Media pole (Riviera Press), the corporate real estate pole (Starter Business Center) and the factory start-up

(Xpert). Sébastien Fraisse is Publishing Director of Riviera Press. ●

Bich Lecourt.jpg

Executive Director



Native of Antibes, Bich has
a doctorate in economics and has
taught over 20 years in
Master 2 (ISEM: Management -
Economy Innovation -
Industry) at NCA University.
Tireless touches on everything
overflowing curiosity, she
runs in parallel to the
advice around the
digital transformation and
innovation over 16 years ago.
An inexhaustible source of
knowledge for whom the ecosystem
local has no secrets. ●


Editor-in-chief Start


Journalist on the French Riviera
for almost 10 years, Marina
has good
knowledge of the fabric
economic and institutional
our territory. Passionate about
people's journey
she meets she likes
listen and transcribe the story
of each with accuracy. This is
also she who takes care of our
social media, LinkedIn,
Twitter, Facebook,
follow us ! ●

Vincent Artus.jpg

Artistic director



This talented artistic director
has the gift of transforming
any vision or idea
into a hard-hitting reality.
Creative, the Nice likes
especially the lines
clean and airy pages
as if to better convey
his message elegantly and
dynamism. Multi-cap,
Vincent is also a
excellent photographer and
videographer ●


PR & Advertising



Originally from the Côte d'Azur, Patrice has worked in the communications sector for over ten years. After studying economics and starting a career in London, our Cannes publicist discovered a passion in the field of advertising. First in the world of Radio, he joined Riviera Press a few years ago.

In his spare time, he is interested in sport and nature.

Francoise Muller.jpg

PR & Advertising



Originally from Dijon, capital of Burgundy, Françoise has worked on the Côte d'Azur since 1993, when she flourished in the communication and marketing sector. An enthusiastic member of our team, human interaction and listening remain his priority to provide attentive support to everyone who wants to develop their communication. Besides her passion for her profession, Françoise her passions are skiing, dancing, kayaking and reading. ●

Emilie Boyom.jpg

Development Manager



Graduated in the USA in marketing and after working in large luxury groups, in 2005 she created her watch brand between Asia and Europe. Originally from Antibes, she returned to settle there with her family and resume studies in Strategic Management of Sustainable Development. Before joining the group as development manager, she organized business meetings for the accelerator BA06 for startups and the local ecosystem. (BA06 event, Get In The Ring). ●

Bernard van de.jpg

Editor-in-chief *



Can we really want to
retire when one
journalism "art of
live ”for 35 years? Editor
in chief of Palaces magazine at
within the Riviera Press group,
Bernard Van de Kerckhove, takes
again and again fun at
daily in all facets
of his profession, in all
areas. ●

* As a freelance

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