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Cannes National Orchestra: January 2023 Appointments! 

The Cannes National Orchestra will offer two new family concerts at the beginning of the year: Baby Concert #2 and Berlioz Trip Orchestra.

Find all the events of January 2023.

Thursday 12 January 7:15 PM The Beautiful Today - Gilbert Amy

Pre-concert Wednesday 11th January 6:30 pm

Exclusive interview with composer Gilbert Amy hosted by Philippe Depetris.

The Arlucs Auditorium / Free, by reservation: 04 93 90 77 92

The Cannes National Orchestra continues its exploration of contemporary music through its series Le Bel Aujourd'hui with the discovery of the world of Gilbert Amy. Renowned composer and conductor, Gilbert Amy has had a successful career in France and abroad. The Cannes National Orchestra will present its work Ein 'Es praeludium' for cello performed by cellist Noelle Weidmann, a regular guest of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, The Netherlands Philharmonic (Amsterdam), the Amsterdam Sinfonietta, the Residentie Orchestra in The Hague, the Monnaie (Brussels)… In a mirror will be given After... An 'Es praeludium' for string orchestra. Surprise the audience and make them discover today's music explained in detail to grasp its delicacy and uniqueness, this is always the ambition of these concerts. Short pieces of modern and contemporary music will be offered for a gentle discovery of today's repertoire. First played once, the work is then explained, or even dissected, in order to extract each writing element ensuring a smooth listening experience during the second audition. In order to become familiar with the work and aesthetic of the composer, the Orchestra is offering a conversation with Gilbert Amy the night before the concert. A rare opportunity to interact with a contemporary composer!

Auditorium of Arlucs - Cannes La Bocca From 6 € to 15 € / Reservations: Festival Palace Ticket Office / 04 92 98 62 77

Saturday, January 14th 10:30am Baby Concert

Thirty minutes of soft music for toddlers and their families.

Recommended from 6 months

Following the success of the new series at the December concert, the Cannes National Orchestra is offering families and young children a new Baby Concerts rendezvous! Music is a wonderful friend to allow from a young age to awaken curiosity, nourish imagination, and enrich emotions. That is why the Cannes National Orchestra is offering a brand new series of concerts specially designed for young children! Works of soft and playful music of about thirty minutes will be offered to promote a gentle musical awakening and to share a moment of discovery with the family. A first musical experience to develop children's sensitivity, brighten their curiosity, and excite their imagination. A tailor-made concert form during which babies can marvel, play, sleep, coo, cry, laugh... anything goes! The Cannes National Orchestra is doing everything it can for the well-being of parents and children: providing baby changing facilities, storing strollers under surveillance, and welcoming comings and goings.

Arlucs Auditorium - Cannes La Bocca Adult 8 € / Under 10 Free / Reservations: Festival Palace Ticket Office / 04 92 98 62 77

January 17th, 7:15 PM, White Card #2 Red/Krasnyy

Musicians of the Orchestra have free rein! The musicians of the Cannes National Orchestra invite the audience to discover works chosen by them. Whether it be favorites, forgotten pages, or masterpieces of the chamber repertoire, they take you into their world. For this first date, the musicians reveal to the public an demanding and rarely performed program. This proposal draws its originality from a selection of works inspired by literature, including André Caplet's piece which was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's fantastic tale The Masque of the Red Death. "Krasnyy", which means red in Russian, evokes the two works of Glinka and Gubaidulina that are infused with Russian folklore and will complete this program.

FLORENT BONTRON FLÛTE / MIN SUCK HUH, MATEUSZ DUTKA VIOLONS / CLARA POUVREAU VIOLONCELLE / ALAIN BALDOCCHI ALTO / CÉCILE MAUDIRE HARPE MIKHAÏL GLINKA Three Russian Songs for Flute, Alto, and Harp by Sofia Gubaidulina Garden of Joy and Sorrows for Flute, Harp, Alto, and Narrator by André Caplet Fantastic Tale, according to Edgar Poe's The Mask of the Red Death for String Quartet, Harp and Narrator.

Arlucs Auditorium - Cannes La Bocca From 6€ to 15€ / Booking: Palais des Festivals Ticket Office - 04 92 98 62 77

Sunday, January 22nd at 11am - A Work, An Hour - Portrait of C.P.E. Bach

Narrated by the conductor, the spectator embarks on an exploration into the heart of a major work from the repertoire. A commented analysis with musical examples to discover the composition mechanisms, the aesthetics of an era and a composer. The conductor also shares with the audience his interpretation of the work and the gestures he uses to communicate with the musicians. The orchestra then performs the piece in its entirety, which the listener will appreciate with a keen ear. The Cannes National Orchestra is offering, for this second meeting of the season, the discovery of composer Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. The prodigal and somewhat rebellious son of Johann Sebastian Bach, C.P.E. Bach (1714 - 1788) was one of the pioneers of Romanticism. His symphonies are part of the German literary and musical movement Sturm und Drang, storm and passion, characterized by a continuous play of light and dark and a dramatic force that energizes the expression of feelings and torment.

Arlucs Auditorium - Cannes La Bocca From 6€ to 15€ / Booking: Palais des Festivals Ticket Office / 04 92 98 62 77

Friday, January 27th 8pm / Sunday, January 29th 11am Berlioz Trip Orchestra

Family Concert from 10 Years Old

The Cannes National Orchestra invites the public to dive into the electrifying world of composer Hector Berlioz! Berlioz exits the Odéon Theatre completely overwhelmed by Shakespeare's Hamlet and passionately in love with the Irish actress Harriet Smithson. He then embarked on writing what he envisioned as the greatest symphonic work of the century, his Symphonie Fantastique. The public discovers an electrified Berlioz, in his small room and penniless, who imagines sounds that have never been heard before. The orchestra is his imagination. Immersed in his mind, the audience witnesses his ideas, his mistakes, his ghosts, and soon his "Midsummer Night's Dream," a true musical and phantasmagorical delirium.

The Arlucs Auditorium in Cannes La Bocca ranges from 6 to 15 euros. Reservations can be made at the Palais des Festivals ticket office, 04 92 98 62 77.

Information and reservations on

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