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Corso Collector: CAP3000's new luxury second-hand concept shop

Forget fast fashion! Here, you'll find authenticated pre-owned Louis Vuitton bags, Chanel scarves and more... and get your own pieces repaired by a leather expert.

As the world becomes more sensitised to the state of the planet, our shopping habits have become more scrutinised as we consider the affects of ‘fast-fashion’ and the toll of excess waste.

CAP3000 has embraced this change and as consumers are turning more toward second-hand and vintage goods, they too, are leading the change in high-end retail. 'Corso Collector' is the new concept store in their luxury wing, ‘Corso’, home to finely selected pre-owned luxury goods, from clothes and accessories to vintage leather wallets and handbags. It promises its visitors an ultra-personalised, high-end shopping experience and stands out from traditional second-hand shops. In addition to the pieces for sale, they also offer an upcycling area with a professional leather worker to repair, adjust or personalise your own items that might be collecting dust in your closet! It’s a somewhat bold but also very refreshing initiative and a first on the Côte d'Azur!

In collaboration with Gros & Delettrez, the renowned French auctioneers, Corso Collector presents timeless, emblematic and unique handbags, small leather goods, jewellery and accessories such as scarves by Hermès, Vuitton and Chanel, all authenticated.

This new temple of second-hand luxury promises shoppers a pleasant experience, with a personalised touch. Constantly updated, the inventory is based on a very specific choice of iconic contemporary or vintage products—each object tells a story and is a piece of French know-how recognised throughout the world and, for some items, even belong to French heritage.

Retail demand is in the process of a major shift and Corso Collector is a response to the expectations of a demanding clientele who, today, consume differently: Shoppers are now finding their inspiration online, then going to the shops to pick up their choice. Here, they can receive expert advice, and a and the attention worthy of the greatest luxury houses.

Have something you think is worthy?

Every month, Corso Collector offers the "rendez-vous de l'expert", with Gros & Delettrez: a unique opportunity to have one's bags, jewellery and luxury accessories appraised in order to find out their value, and to have the opportunity to sell one's piece to Corso Collector at a fixed price, whether or not it is put up for sale by the brand.

Breathe life back into your own pieces!

A ‘concept store’ is more than just a place to buy stuff. By creating CORSO COLLECTOR, CAP3000 goes beyond the simple second-hand shop, proposing a complete service offer in-line with the new precepts of the circular economy and associating itself with Atelier 23 11, a leather goods expert. The business, born in Paris under the impetus of Virginie and Laurent, has seconded one of its leather craftswomen to the Côte d'Azur. Thanks to her and her know-how, each item of leather goods is given a second life. Repairing handles, linings, zips, clasps, damaged corners, stained leather or else, everything can be revamped and everything can be renovated.

Because upcycling is also part of our new responsible practices, it is possible to personalise a bag, a pouch, a suitcase... Graffiti, drawings, illustrations, monograms and patches give a piece that inimitable touch that makes it truly unique.

Stop by and see what you can find! And if you want to check out stuff before hand and can't face the holiday crowds, CAP3000’s ‘MY-ESHOP’ is the multi-brand e-commerce platform which allows customers to shop in all the centre’s shops’ and put items in a single basket, 24/7. This digital solution is connected to the shops' real time stock. Available in Click & Collect, Click & Drive or home delivery.

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