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Exhibition at the International Museum of Perfumery… What if art could breathe?

Once upon a time, the story of a meeting between two captivating worlds : perfumery and contemporary art. A symbiosis in which the visual field of art and the intangible dimension of smell harmonize to give birth to the exhibition «BreatheArt». Let yourself be guided through this innovative exhibition, to be discovered with your eyes and nose from May 20, 2022 to March 5, 2023, inspiring the fragrance of this sensitive and poetic journey between immersive discoveries, original creations and awakening the senses.

IT IS IN GRASSE, THE HISTORICAL CRADLE OF PERFUME-RELATED KNOW-HOW, within the International Perfumery Museum, that this artistic and olfactory effervescence is highlighted. 40 artists, sculptors, photographers, visual artists and perfumers gathered to share with visitors their creations, and even more, their testimonies around the questions that arise about the place of perfume in the contemporary artistic sphere.

Olfaction has now become a medium of choice for a generation of artists who collaborate with perfumery professionals and scientists. Sophie Calle, for example, teamed up with perfume composer Francis Kurkdjian to transcribe the memory of a used dollar bill and thus give a version of the smell of money. Or, Emma Febvre and Jérémie Topin, who produced a scientific, polysensory, multimedia and interactive installation exploring the links between smell, color and form with the intention of offering an experience to visitors.

Natural raw materials such as flowers, fruits, wood and spices are part of the approach of many artists. Such as Peter de Cupere who uses lavender and immortal to create a colorful, vegetal, and fragrant work; Isa Barbier and «La chevelure de Bérénice» an artistic creation adorned with dry rose petals; as well as Ernesto Neto, who created an impressive work using cloves and turmeric, revealing patterns on the paper.

Contemporary art also resides in the work of glass. This is how it is highlighted by the precious, fragile and poetic creations of Sylvie Fleury («Color Lab»), Andrea Branzi («Simbiosi 2») and Jean-Claude Novaro. Many artists have also collaborated with perfume houses to offer real cases in limited editions to the most beautiful fragrances. This is the case of Véronique Monod and Jean-Michel Othoniel for Christian Dior and the perfumes «Poison» and «J'adore l'Absolu», Salvador Dali for Elsa Schiaparelli and the perfume «Le Roi Soleil», as well as Baye Gallo for Guerlain who revolutionized the «Jicky» bottle on the occasion of its 130th anniversary.

To discover these works and other beautiful surprises that will awaken your senses and certainly arouse emotions, go to the International Museum of Perfumery!

Address : 2 boulevard du Jeu de Ballon, 06130 Grasse

Tel : +33 (0)4 97 05 58 11

Price : 6€

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