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Game contest: Try to win two tickets for the Beethoven/Levinas concert

For over 40 years, the Orchestre National de Cannes has been offering its audiences ambitious concerts orchestrated by renowned artists and emerging talents. Unprecedented musical collaborations, original artistic and cross-disciplinary projects, expansion of the repertoire... are all proposals that bear witness to the modernity and excellence that the Orchestra wishes to bring and offer to as many people as possible.

During the 22-23 season, the Orchestre national de Cannes will participate in the dissemination and the highlighting of new works within the Creative Consortium, a unique initiative in France which brings together five French orchestras and whose vocation is to ensure contemporary musical creation.

Michaël Levinas will be on stage on Saturday 3 December 2022 to present his new work as part of the Creative Consortium project of which he is the first beneficiary through the commission of the Concerto pour violoncelle et orchestre.

What awaits you

Composer, performer (notably of Beethoven, whose complete Sonatas he has recorded) and great humanist, Michaël Levinas sees writing as a spiritual act.

If the famous Ouverture to Coriolan is distinguished by its dark and heroic atmosphere, Beethoven's Symphony No. 8 is among the musician's most radiant and serene pages. Composed immediately after the vast Seventh, it is distinguished by its humorous and loving flights of fancy.

“The polyphony-harmony relationship that runs through the entire Concerto is based on canons between the instruments that evolve polyphonically and alternately the intervals of the chords and double-string harmonies of the soloist's melody. For me, this was the challenge of the work I devoted to the composition of the Concerto pour violoncelle. Following my meeting with the cellist Henri Demarquette, I imagined a melodic and expressive language for the solo instrument based on the polyphonic and harmonic writing of the orchestra, based on the deployment of evolving modal scales and harmonic chord grids that are polyphonically constructed and deconstructed and made up of unstable pitches that I call the 'cry of sound'. The melodic writing, often in the double-string of the solo cello (derived from the movements of the orchestra's harmonic grids) is itself polyphonic. For me, it was a question of finding for the solo cello what constitutes its language and its repertoire: a vocality and affects that sculpt the melody and its punctuations. It is these affects that inspire the titles of the four movements of this Concerto: Choral en larme II / Tourment / Nocturne / Épilogue.” Michaël Levinas

Benjamin Levy, Conductor / Henri Demarquette, Cello

On the programme :

Ludwig Van Beethoven : Coriolan — Ouverture en ut mineur, op. 62 (1807)

Michaël Levinas : Concerto pour violoncelle et orchestre (2022) - Commissioned by the Creative Consortium

Ludwig Van Beethoven : Symphonie n°8 en fa majeur, op. 93 (1812)


On Saturday 3 December 2022

Where ?

Théâtre Claude Debussy – Palais des Festivals et des Congrès

1 boulevard de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes

To participate

If you want to try your luck and maybe win two tickets for the Beethoven/Levinas concert, send an e-mail to before Sunday 27 November. The winners will be drawn on Monday 28 November.

Now it's your turn to play!

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