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Inauguration of the Nature Park at Polygone Riviera... A unique green break to promote biodiversity

Polygone Riviera, an open-air shopping and leisure centre, inaugurated its Natural Park on Wednesday 12 October after 12 months of redevelopment: a promenade along the Malvan river, completely redesigned as an invitation to relax. The park is completing its transformation with the creation of an educational trail to raise visitors' awareness of biodiversity conservation.

Polygone Riviera, a player in the revitalisation of the region

More than a shopping center, Polygone Riviera is designed as a place for living together, a place where people can share moments of leisure, culture or gourmet breaks. Anchored in its territory, open to its region and a creator of jobs, the center becomes a player in the preservation of the environment by integrating into it in a sustainable manner. Designed in close collaboration with a landscape architect, a project manager and the technical director of "eau et perspective", regional professionals, this green lung designed around the Malvan river gives a new dimension to the center and offers a new experience to visitors. Within the center itself, along the banks, the plants accompany the walk, surprise the visitor and create amazement. And for this redevelopment, the teams dedicated to the project have dealt with the specificities of a marshy area.

A landscaping challenge for a large-scale project that preserves biodiversity

With the river Malvan as the main theme of the park, the work took into account the constraints linked to the watercourse and the marshy area, the flood levels and the animal and plant biodiversity already in place. The use of plant engineering techniques was therefore necessary to complete the project while respecting the existing nature.

Much of the work was carried out manually in order to respect the natural environment and the existing plants. The vegetation was selected to provide shaded break areas. The planting of trees and shrubs is organised in dense groups, the plants protect each other and form a whole that allows the development of biodiversity. The representation of plant strata has also been designed to encourage the presence of animals in this natural environment. The herbaceous plants allow for the development of a wide range of insects that feed a specific fauna. Shrubs also supplement the animals' diet with their berries. Conceived as a real space dedicated to the fauna and flora, visitors will be able to walk along the Malvan river and meet protected species.

To develop this new natural space :

- more than 30 tons of vegetated coconut mats, 3 km of wicker branches and 100 wooden stakes of 1.50 m were used to stabilise the banks

- 200 tones of EARTH/STABLE mix and a "natural grass" type of grassing for the right bank were used to create the paths

- more than 500 plants and shrubs were planted to help stabilise the embankments

- 5 staircases, outside the 100-year flood zones, and wooden steps on the slopes close to the watercourse were installed to facilitate access.

A new "green" break to raise awareness of ecological issues

Young and old alike can now stroll through the park to discover a variety of vegetation that changes with the seasons and a new place to stroll for those who wish to escape the city for a few moments. The Malvan park is also equipped with an educational trail to highlight the preserved biodiversity, in order to raise visitors' awareness of environmental protection and ecological issues. Bird nesting boxes, insect "refuges", explanatory panels... All along these paths, nearly thirty educational panels guide visitors from discovery to discovery, like the garden of scents, were thyme, laurel, mint... For the shopkeepers, this park is a real asset for Polygone Riviera: "The completion of this park was eagerly awaited by Polygone Riviera's retailers, both for its environmental ambitions and for the unique and differentiating experience it offers our visitors and local residents. This little corner of greenery and nature will be appreciated all year round. Customers are increasingly looking for outdoor addresses to combine shopping and nature," says Elodie Poudevigne - La Grande Récré.

Art was also on show at the inauguration on 12 October. Works by Sacha Sosno, the multi-faceted artist from Nice, were installed for a day before taking up residence in the center’s aisles for a longer period in 2023.

With this development, Polygone Riviera is actively participating in Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield's proactive "Better Places 2030" environmental policy, which aims to reduce the carbon footprint of its entire value chain by 40% by 2030 and which has been supplemented by new measures to make Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield shopping centres more energy efficient. Since 1 August, the Group has set a target of a 20% reduction in total energy consumption for France, compared to 2019 consumption.

About Polygone Riviera

With nearly 150 brands, Polygone Riviera, France's leading open-air shopping and leisure centre located in Cagnes sur Mer, is a unique combination of fashion and premium shopping, contemporary art and leisure in a single location.

Opening hours:

- Shops: Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm and Sunday from 11am to 7pm.

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- Terrazur Casino: Monday to Sunday, 10am to 4am.

- Topfit gym.

Car parks open from 8am to 4am - 2 hours free parking + 2 hours free for members of the center’s loyalty program.

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