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Meet Victoire de Betancourt, designer of high-end linens

A Parisian born in Nice to a Russian mother and a Cuban father, Victoire de Betancourt has ethnic mixtures in her DNA and the love of beauty in her skin. Leaving to discover the world, Victoire and her husband made a stop off in Tahiti «and what was only to be a stopover, became a slice of life of more than 23 years».

On this island of paradise, she discovered an incredible nature, unique colors, a fascinating culture and multiple activities and encounters. The most beautiful of them… the fabric, “an exceptional universe and exceptional craftsmanship”. From this encounter a love was born and it was in 2010 that Victoire de Betancourt created his eponymous brand. It offers a line of linens, art de vivre, elegant and delicate with multiple influences and styles, materials and heritage harmonized. Thus, denim, Jouy’s canvas, chambray, linen, lace or even liberty come together to reveal themselves better.

Today, it is in Cannes that the beautiful blonde, also interior decorator, decided to put down her suitcases and open her workshop. Cushions, bedspreads, table paths, plaids or tunics and pouches are

displayed beautifully in her small fishermen’s house located behind the Croisette and serve as inspiration to create pieces in your image, with the colors, styles and materials of your choice.

Find the work and universe of Victoire

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