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Monaco Masters Show, from 1 July to 31 August 2022

Opera Gallery is pleased to present the Monaco Masters Show from 1 July to 31 August, which will highlight around fifty paintings by outstanding masters and contemporary artists.

Fernand Léger, Deux femmes tenant des fleurs, 1954

FOR GILLES DYAN, FOUNDER OF OPERA GALLERY, which has 14 galleries across the world, from New York to London and from Dubai to Seoul, « this annual event is one of the most important of the group. It allows us to show in one place the major pieces from our various galleries. » Among the pieces presented, you will discover master pieces by modern artists such as Marc Chagall, Fernand Léger and Pablo Picasso, and contemporaries such as Yayoi Kusama, Fernando Botero and Manolo Valdés.

Couple au-dessus de la table fleurie à Vitebsk will be on view, this exceptional piece by Marc Chagall introduces the viewer into a suspended and diaphanous world, neither totally imaginary nor totally tangible, in which bright colors and light reign. Deux femmes tenant des fleurs, an oil on canvas by French artist Fernand Léger, painted in 1954, will also punctuate the journey. The traditional theme of the nude and the use of primary colors are characteristic of the work of the artist.The image explores figurative forms, colors and spatiality. There will also be exhibited Jean Dubuffet’s Réchaud-four à gaz IV from L’Hourloupe series, dating from 1962. An everyday life object is deconstructed to become on the canvas an abstract division of cells bounded by black serpentine lines.The pallet made of contrasts between red, black, blue and white brings forth a new world where the mundane is transformed.

The exhibition also includes key figures of contemporary art, such as Yayoi Kusama with a 180 cm work, I carry on Living with the Pumpkins. The pumpkin is a figure dear to the artist - a warm, fun pattern, reminiscent of the nursery of her childhood, which will be able to enchant the spectators just as it charmed the artist. Manolo Valdés, undoubtedly one of the most famous Spanish contemporary artists, will also be featured. Matisse como Pretexto en Rosa, 2021, is a tribute to one of his biggest inspirations, Henri Matisse. The face on the canvas testifies to all the delicacy and the harmony that the artist particularly likes to bring to his work. His work creates a continuity between the heritage of modern art and contemporary art, which is a highlight of the 2022 edition of the Monaco Masters Show.

For the tenth consecutive year, Opera Gallery Monaco is pleased to share a percentage of the proceeds from its Masters Show with the Monegasque association Mission Enfance, an association dedicated to supporting the schooling of underprivileged children.

Opera Gallery Monaco

1 avenue Henri Dunant Palais de la Scala

Monaco 98000

Monday - Saturday : 10am - 7pm

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