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Monaco Streaming Film Festival and Grundy Media honour Top Innovators

The festival joins with Grundy Media to recognise the talented people innovating and pushing the film world forward.

Reg Grundy with a film can. All rights reserved.

The first of its kind, the Monaco Streaming Film Festival (MCSFF) will be taking its first steps on the red carpet next month, while simultaneously streaming everything on its programme worldwide. In conjunction with The Princess Grace Foundation, The White Feather Foundation and The GEMA Foundation, the MCSFF is an innovative hybrid “Festival-meets-Summit” experience, celebrating the streaming industry’s content, makers, creators and talent, providing film and content production industry inside know-how - and leveraging streaming technology to power the Festival. To learn more about the festival, read our article here.

The latest development is Grundy Media joining forces with MCSFF to recognize the highest tier of outstanding contributors in film and global media with the introduction of the 'Reg Grundy Innovation Award'. The two organisations share a belief that bold vision with precise execution can forever enhance the media industry.

The Reg Grundy Innovation Award recognizes the preeminent tier of ground-breaking Media and Technological Industry Leaders who have boldly and brilliantly expanded the Global Entertainment Industry with unparalleled impact across all platforms. Entrants can be individuals or teams who have made historic contributions to both expand and elevate worldwide entertainment on an unprecedented scale. Recipients will embody the type of vision, drive, character, spirit and success that made Reg Grundy a legendary media mogul.

About the Reg Grundy Innovation Award

Established in partnership with Reg Grundy’s wife, Mrs Joy Chambers Grundy, Chairman of RG Capital, author and businesswoman, the prestigious award is designed to commemorate Reg’s boundless entrepreneurial spirit and historic impact on innovation in global entertainment. In the spirit of Reg Grundy, the aim is to inspire and celebrate the Industry’s highest achieving Originators. Submissions Open Through June 30.

Joy Chambers-Grundy and Reg Grundy. All rights reserved.

Mrs Joy Chambers-Grundy said: “I am delighted to partner with the Monaco Streaming Film Festival to launch this esteemed legacy to my extraordinary husband Reg Grundy. Reg’s masterful ability to always push beyond limits, and to turn unimaginable dreams into reality was truly exceptional. Reg’s innovative philosophy, ‘be local to be global’, amassed for him international success, opened the door for all others to follow, and saw him pursue his life-long passion of entertaining people in every country around the globe.”

So what did Reg Grundy do?

Decades before anyone else, 'RG' recognized the value of formats and the potential to take shows and stories that were proven in one country and produce locally adapted versions of them around the globe. And this was at a time when it took well over 30 hours to travel from Australia to Europe, with no internet and no mobile phones, though he was one of the very first adapters of MCI mail. Grundy, who is known as the founding father of formats in Australia, achieved his bold dream of bringing those formats, all of which he owned, to the masses worldwide at a time that globalization had never been imagined. More than the founding father of formats, Reg Grundy is now recognized as the father of global media as we know it today.

Last year, the AACTA Reg Grundy TV Award was created and presented in Australia. It is the largest prize for an original content idea ever, awarding a $50,000 prize to the family orientated observational series ‘Seven Pups,’ created by Steve Bedwell, Bryan Cockerill and Geraldine Coy, which was selected from thousands of entries.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of this prestigious award, honouring Reg Grundy’s unmatched and incredible impact on the global media industry. If it were not for Reg Grundy, Global tv as we all know it today would not exist. Reg was a trailblazer and a visionary like no other. He always inspired and celebrated the next generation, and he was always ten miles ahead of the current technology being used at the time. He would be so proud to see this award taking place in connection with the Monaco Streaming Film Festival.” – Sharon Wheeler, Creative Director of the Reg Grundy Legacy Awards.

The jury will award the winner at the Awards Night Ceremony on July 4th, 2021.

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