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From the editor: Riviera Insider Spring 2021 issue

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Our new issue is off to the printer! We cover some of the biggest news in the French Riviera, from the triple Grand Prix in Monaco to the new underwater museum in Cannes.

What a beautiful issue! This gorgeous photo was taken by Villefranche-based freediver and stunning underwater photographer, Bastien Soleil. Titled "Up", it features model Estelle Viriot, taken in the Maldives and I think it's one of the most beautiful covers we've made. A big thank you to Bastien!

It is the perfect cover for this edition, as we take a deep dive into the sea. The interviews we did really made me reflective and I hope reading this issue will have the same effect on you. In my editorial, I asked what we would do without the sea. It makes everything possible from the air we breathe to the food we eat, to even our position in the galaxy.

The sea is the focus of several articles in this issue. From UNESCO’s fight for blue carbon to the CSM joining with Chanel to protect Mediterranean red coral; to life-giving minerals, we get from a swim; to the artists bringing us underwater to connect to a world we rarely see. It’s a vast realm of majesty, power, life and fragility. Those who know the sea well are screaming for help, seeing the disastrous changes before their eyes.

The world has shouted about climate change for years, but we’ve all had our head in the clouds about it. It’s time to come down to earth, bring our attention beneath the surface and fight for what gives our planet its beautiful blue hue.

We are in turbulent times. Humanity continues to fight against racism and this pandemic doesn’t seem to be budging. We’re on the cusp of a technology revolution with 5G and an ever more connected world. We’ve learned that physical presence is easily replaced by digital presence and the little human connection we had was literally locked down. Stress, anxiety, depression, domestic violence and suicides rates are as high as ever. Perhaps what we all need is to get our heads below water and reconnect. Connect not to a server or an online conference, but to ourselves – to that source of nature that feeds the planet. Interviewing freediver Bastien Soleil was eye-opening and moving. His description of the life-changing experiences people have when they reconnect with the sea made me reflect on how lost so many of us are. If you feel this could help you, read about the new freediving academy in Villefranche. Their goal is to do just that.

There is a two-page article on our interview with Bastien Soleil and his incredible underwater photography, like the one he so generously lent for our gorgeous cover. He captures a certain weightless magic that can only be found beneath the water.

Other artists are working to save the seas. Underwater is where you will find the latest installation of the world-famous sculptor, Jason deCaires Taylor, right off the coast of Ile St Marguerite in Cannes. Six enormous statues of masks were carefully placed in the shallow section between the two islands, only 4 – 6 metres deep, so anyone can visit with a simple swim. These statues will serve as a sanctuary and new home for sea life. We have a three-page spread about the project five years in the making.

Our special is on Real Estate, which proved quite difficult to put together this year. There is so much uncertainty in the market, but the positive side is that the Côte d'Azur held strong through 2020 and mortgage rates are staying at rock bottom. But will our housing market be Covid proof?

We interviewed several wonderful locals for this issue and have portraits on:

  • Guillaume Willm, a Cagnois who is so dedicated to stopping plastic, he created his own machine to make beeswax food wraps and they’re the best you’ll ever find!

  • Alexia Barrier, the Niçoise who just completed the Vendé Globe on her own and now she’s teaching kids about sailing;

  • Irish filmmaker Mary McGluckian talks about her film on architect Eileen Gray’s obscurity in a male-dominated field and how she sees parallels as a female filmmaker.

  • Rob Ryan, who runs several bars in Cannes talks to us about the current pandemic and how the service industry can stick it out…just a little longer.

  • We meet the people behind two innovative companies in art, TLP Group who is helping artists gain visibility and exhibit online and Diane Seramenho of Design’Art, a consortium of the top artists, craftsmen and manufacturing companies in the Riviera.

There are so many more great articles, don’t miss this Spring issue as soon as it gets online and to your mailboxes!

-Nicole Ruskell

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