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TedxCannes Event to Take Place on 26 May 2021

Updated: May 10, 2021

The TedXCannes event will finally be held at the Palais des Festivals on 26 May 2021, following two postponements, with a new focus on climate change.

The long-awaited event will finally take place on 22 May 2021 © TedxCannes

After two postponements, the long-awaited TedxCannes, headed by Norbert Barré, will take place on 26 May from 12:30 to 19:30. The event has, in a way, benefitted from Cannes Film Festival being shifted to July, which left a slot at the Palais des Festivals in the second half of May. As with many events, this is its second postponement: it had initially been scheduled for 25 April 2020, but was postponed due to the pandemic to 13 February 2021, but this date was not feasible either due to the pandemic.

The programme of speakers remains the same, but a section on climate change has been added to the ‘Countdown.’ On the theme of "Neoventure", this TEDx is an initiative to promote and accelerate "climate solutions" by turning ideas into action - the very principle of the conferences. The ‘Countdown’ had already been addressed in conjunction with the last CANNESERIES in October 2020.

"Our current way of life, based on an economy that consumes carbon to excess and warms the planet, is not sustainable. The alarm bell has sounded and the clock is ticking - the COUNTDOWN - with barely 10 years left to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 50%. Future generations will hold us to account: what have you done?" reads the TEDxCannes website.

So, today, how can we approach this world that needs to change on an individual and collective scale? "Solutions exist and we want to address a number of them during this edition of TEDxCannes," the organisers say. "We see the future as a source of opportunities, which is why we want to project ourselves positively into it through NEOVENTURE: new adventures and new businesses, led by speakers with a pioneering spirit."

16 innovative solutions to accelerate the fight against global warming

The Climate Solutions Accelerator, launched on March 2 by the Agglomération Cannes Lérins and TEDxCannes* to detect and accelerate the development of new solutions against global warming, has been met with great interest. From the Paris region to the Alpes-Maritimes and Occitania, daring project leaders from all over France applied to join the Cannes program to promote carbon neutrality and protect the planet.

On Thursday, April 29, David Lisnard, President of the Cannes Lérins Agglomeration and Mayor of Cannes, and Norbert Barré, founder of TEDxCannes and organiser of idea-sharing conferences on major societal, economic and environmental issues, revealed the 16 companies and start-ups selected. From May 3 to June 26, all of them will benefit from personalised support to help them deploy their technologies. This operation reinforces the intermunicipal strategy of developing sectors of excellence (creative writing, space, agritech, silver economy, etc.) and supporting start-ups and companies, particularly those with an environmental focus, through the CréaACannes Lérins program.

David Lisnard, President of the Agglomération Cannes Lérins and Mayor of Cannes, said: "This program to accelerate climate solutions is fully in line with the commitment of the Cannes Lerins Agglomeration and the Cannes City Council to the environmental emergency. Supporting companies, start-ups and citizen initiatives in the development, experimentation and deployment of new projects on the ground and on a large scale must be a priority for our territories in order to protect the planet and future generations. Having ideas is essential, but having the solutions is an absolute necessity."

Norbert Barré (TEDxCannes, Creative Minds) added: "TEDxCannes is an active promoter of TED's COUNTDOWN initiative in France, which will be our common thread in 2021/22 and beyond. Following the global launch on October 10th, we have felt the enthusiasm of citizens on this topic that motivates everyone. As Creative Minds, contributing to the acceleration of climate solutions in France and internationally is not only an opportunity but also an obligation to our generation and those to come. "

- Jean-Paul Largillet

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