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This summer, Polygone Riviera is filling with lots of activities and new brands!

In this shopping and recreational centre in Cannes, summertime is devoted to lazying about and pleasuring your stomach. On the programme of Polygone Riviera: outdoor activities and new shops to fulfill those with a tooth for savoury or sweet snacking, and fashionistas!

Friendly and sensational activities

In August, make room for the treetop course*! From 1 to 28 August, an adventure course will be set up and should please children and parents alike. With specific equipment and protection, playing the Spiderman game 4 metres above the ground and over a 12-metre span is like a walk in the park!

To top off the brand new and temporary set-ups, the waterball is coming back for good on the Dancing Fontain! Who hasn't ever dreamt of walking on the waters? Big translucent and floating bubbles let the young and old enjoy themselves while avoiding hot spells. And for the fastest of them, a 50-euro-worth gift card is offered every week! So, ready to join?

Gourmets take note: The Village des Saveurs is coming back for its second occasion until 31 August. Come take a relaxing seat on the new colourful and festive furniture that overlooks the Malvan river, and enjoy icecreams, waffles, churros, nougats, calissons and even salty specialties.

To put the icing on the cake, new shopping and restaurant offers are coming in!

JACK AND JONES: A men's fashion brand whose light-weight clothes with refined lines come at an affordable price. To be found on the Promenade des Palmiers, a short walk from Histoire d'Or.

BURGER KING: By mid-July, the fast food restaurant will extends its seating area with a 240-metre-long terrace overlooking the Malvan.

Until Factory & Co and Autour de Bébé open their doors in early September.

*Treetop course and waterball available from 2 to 8 p.m.. Prices: €5 for both activities for members of the loyalty programme, €7 for non-members. Access for people above 6-years-old and 130 cm (4 ft 4 in) in height.

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