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UK Extends Financial Support for Residency Applications in France

The UK Government has released an extra £1 million of funding to support vulnerable UK Nationals applying for residency in France.

The release of an additional £1 million from the UK Government has taken the total of the UKNSF (UK Nationals Support Fund) to £4 million. The money will be awarded to 8 charities and voluntary organisations across Europe that help vulnerable groups such as pensioners, disabled people and those with lanaguge difficulties apply for residency abroad.

The UKNSF provides support to vulnerable individuals applying for residency in Europe © Garry Knight

These organisations operate in 11 EU member states, including France, and they provide practical support for UK Nationals in the process of applying and registering for residency following the end of the Transition Period. Since the launch of the fund in March 2020, 350,000 UK Nationals have received individual support from the group of organisations.

British Ambassador to France and Monaco, Ed Llewellyn, said: ''These organisations provide vital support to British citizens who need additional help with their residency application in France. I urge all British citizens living in France to register for residency before the first of July, as this will help them secure their rights under the Withdrawal Agreement.''

In France, UK Nationals can receive UKNSF support via the Franco British Network, the International Organisation for Migration, the SSAFA and the Church of England Diocese in Europe. The British Embassy and Consulates in France also offer guidance, and UK citizens can visit the Living in France guide at:

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